How to Add Location in Snapchat: A Digital Marketer’s Guide to Geofilters

Snapchat, the social media platform known for its fleeting moments and quirky filters, also offers a feature that can significantly amplify your snap stories—adding locations. 

Whether you’re exploring the streets of a bustling city, relaxing at a serene beach, or just hanging out at your favourite cafe, tagging your location adds a layer of context and excitement to your snaps. Let’s dive into how to add location in Snapchat and make it more engaging and informative with locations.

Key Takeaways for the Avid Snapchatter

  • Personal Touch: Adding locations makes your snaps more engaging and personal.
  • Exploration and Discovery: Use location tags and filters to explore new places and share your discoveries.
  • Privacy Matters: Be mindful of your privacy settings and who you share your location with. Snapchat offers tools like “Ghost Mode” for times when you prefer to keep your whereabouts to yourself.

Introduction to Snapchat’s Location Feature

Imagine you’re at a concert of your favourite band, capturing the electrifying atmosphere, and you want your friends to know exactly where this epic event is happening. 

Snapchat’s location feature is like a virtual postcard, enhancing your snaps with a sense of place. It’s a fun, interactive way to share your adventures, big or small, with your friends and followers.

Why Tag Locations on Your Snaps?

Tagging locations on your Snapchat snaps serves multiple purposes that enhance both the creator’s and the viewer’s experience. Here’s why incorporating locations into your snaps can elevate your Snapchat game:

Adds a Personal Touch

Adding locations to your snaps personalizes your content. It lets your friends and followers glimpse your world, making your stories more engaging and relatable. Whether you’re showcasing a stunning sunset at the beach or sharing the vibrant atmosphere of a live concert, tagging the location brings your audience closer to your experience.

Acts as a Digital Diary

For many, Snapchat is not just a platform for instant communication but also a digital diary. Tagging locations on your snaps helps document your travels, adventures, and daily life. Over time, looking back at these location-tagged snaps can evoke memories and emotions, offering a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Facilitates Discovery and Exploration

Snapchat’s location feature encourages discovery and exploration. By tagging locations, you share your current spot and potentially inspire others to visit new places. It’s a way to recommend your favourite spots—a cozy cafe, a scenic hiking trail, or a hidden urban gem.

Enhances Content Engagement

Location tags can significantly increase engagement on your snaps. People are naturally curious about places and may engage more with content that offers them a window into different locations. It can lead to more views, interactions, and conversations around your snaps.

Serves as an Invitation

Tagging your location can also serve as an open invitation to friends who might be in the area. It’s a way of saying, “Hey, I’m here! Let’s meet up.” This feature can be particularly useful for coordinating spontaneous gatherings or for travellers looking to connect with local friends.

Supports Local Businesses

When you tag locations, especially local businesses, you indirectly support them by increasing their visibility. It can be particularly impactful for small businesses looking for cost-effective ways to reach potential customers.

Adds Context to Your Content

Finally, adding locations provides context to your snaps. It helps your audience understand where you are and what you’re experiencing. This context can make your content more compelling and immersive, as it adds an extra layer of storytelling.

Incorporating location tags into your Snapchat stories is a simple yet powerful way to enrich your snapping experience. It’s about more than just sharing where you are; it’s about connecting more deeply with your audience, documenting your life’s moments, and inspiring exploration and discovery.

How to Add Location in Snapchat:

Adding your location to Snapchat snaps is a fun way to share where you are with your friends or followers. This feature enhances your stories by providing context and making them more engaging. Here’s a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to add your location on Snapchat, combining insights from various sources to give you a comprehensive understanding.

Capture the Moment

First, Open Snapchat to the camera screen and capture the moment. It can be a photo or a video, whatever you share with your friends or followers. Snapchat’s spontaneity and creativity allow for endless possibilities, whether it’s a selfie, a beautiful landscape, or a moment of action​.

Sticker Time

After capturing your snap, tap on the sticker icon, which you’ll find on the screen’s right side (for most phone layouts). It opens up many sticker options, but you’re looking for the “Location” sticker. Tapping on this will reveal a list of nearby places, or you can use the search bar to find a specific location. This feature is powered by Snapchat’s integration with map services, offering you a wide range of places to choose from​.

Customize Your Tag

Once you’ve found and selected your location, it’s time to make it fit your snap’s aesthetic. You can adjust the sticker’s size by pinching it with two fingers, moving it around the screen to find the perfect spot, and even changing its visual style. Some stickers offer different designs, so tap on the sticker to see if there are alternative styles that might better match the vibe of your snap​.

Share Your Adventure

Now that your snap has a location tag, it will be shared. You have two main options: sending it directly to selected friends or posting it to your story for all your followers to see. If you send it to friends, simply tap the blue send button and select your recipients. For stories, tap the story button. This way, your snap, complete with its location tag, will be available for your audience to view, react to, and even use as a conversation starter​.

Harnessing the Power of Location Filters

Beyond basic location tags, Snapchat offers location filters or filters, adding a creative overlay to your snaps based on your current place. These can range from city names and landmarks to event-specific designs. To use a location filter, swipe right or left after capturing your snap until you find the perfect filter that shouts, “I’m here!”


In the world of Snapchat, where every snap is a story waiting to be told, adding your location is like the cherry on top—it enriches your story, making it more colourful and connected. 

Whether you’re a globe-trotter sharing your world travels or someone who finds joy in the little moments around your neighbourhood, tagging your location invites your friends and followers into your world. So next time you’re about to snap, remember to pin your spot on the map and let the world know where the magic is happening!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I add a location to a snap after taking it?

Yes, you can add a location sticker or filter before sharing your snap.

Are location features available on both Android and iOS?

Absolutely! The process is similar across both platforms.

Can I customize the appearance of my location tag?

Yes, you can move, resize, and change the style of your location sticker to fit your snap perfectly.