How to Delete Swiggy Order History: The Ultimate Guide

Swiggy stands out as a culinary hero in online food delivery, delivering delicacies to your doorstep. But what if you want to keep your indulgences private, say from a health-conscious partner or just for personal reasons? Here’s a guide on how to delete Swiggy order history – a task that’s not as straightforward as one might think!

How to Delete Swiggy Order History:

Contact Swiggy Support via the App

  • Log into your Swiggy account and head to your profile.
  • Tap on “Help & Support” and select “Contact Us.”
  • Choose the “Other” category, and in the “Subject” field, type “Request to Delete Order History.”
  • Provide a detailed explanation in the “Message” field.
  • Submit your request and wait for a response from Swiggy’s team.

Delete Swiggy Order History via Email

  • Compose an email to
  • In the subject line, write “Request to Delete My Swiggy Order History.”
  • In the email body, explain why you want to erase your order history, including your account details for identification.
  • Send your email and await a response.

Why Deleting Your Swiggy Order History Isn’t a Piece of Cake

Picture this: you’ve just finished a month-long diet and are about to showcase your self-discipline to your fitness enthusiast friend. 

But wait, your Swiggy order history betrays you, revealing a secret midnight rendezvous with a double cheeseburger and fries! You decide it’s time to erase this digital footprint. Simple, right? Wrong!

The Challenge of Deleting Your Swiggy Order History

  • It’s Not an In-App Option: Unlike clearing your browser history (which is a guilty pleasure for many), Swiggy doesn’t offer a straightforward “delete history” button. It’s like playing hide and seek with your diet but realizing the evidence is hidden in a digital Fort Knox.
  • Customer Service is Your Only Hope: To delete your order history, you have to go through the customer service rigmarole. It’s akin to asking your mom to erase memories of that one time you accidentally dyed the family cat blue.
  • The Uncertainty: Even after you’ve poured your heart out to the customer service rep, explaining why you need to erase that midnight snack spree, there’s no guarantee they’ll grant your wish. It’s like asking for a unicorn for Christmas; you can ask, but Santa might not deliver.
  • The Waiting Game: After sending your request, you wait. And wait. It’s a bit like sending a message in a bottle out to sea, hoping for a response but not knowing when it’ll come.
  • Data Privacy Concerns: Why can’t you delete your order history easily? Swiggy likes to keep tabs on your orders for “improvement purposes”. It’s like having a friend who remembers every embarrassing thing you’ve ever done and brings it up at every party.

Making Light of the Situation

Let’s face it: trying to delete your Swiggy order history is like trying to get a cat to take a bath – it’s technically possible, but it’s going to take some serious effort, and there might be some hissing involved. So, the next time you scroll through your Swiggy history, remember it’s a digital diary of your culinary adventures – one guarded more closely than grandma’s secret cookie recipe.

In the end, it’s best to embrace your food choices, no matter how quirky. After all, variety is the spice of life, and who knows, your eclectic order history might just qualify you for the title of “most adventurous eater” in Swiggy’s eyes. Happy ordering!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I delete my Swiggy order history myself?

No, Swiggy doesn’t provide a direct option for users to delete their order history. You need to go through customer support.

Why can’t I just click and delete my Swiggy order history?

Swiggy retains order histories for reference and service improvement purposes.

Closing Thoughts 

Deleting your Swiggy order history is more like a secret mission than a straightforward task. Remember, while Swiggy brings the feast to your table, keeping your gastronomic adventures a mystery requires a bit more effort.