Is Akasa Air Safe? A Comprehensive Dive into India’s New Airline

When it comes to choosing an airline, safety is often the first question that pops into our minds. And if you’re considering flying with Akasa Air, India’s new budget airline, you’re probably wondering, “Is Akasa Air safe?” Well, let’s buckle up and explore this question with a keen eye, shall we?

Safety Record and Concerns:

As a relatively new entrant in the aviation industry, Akasa Air’s safety record primarily includes incidents of bird strikes. For example, there were instances involving bird strikes with their Boeing 737-8 MAX aircraft, one occurring in October 2022 on a flight from Mumbai to Bangalore and another in the same month on a flight from Ahmedabad to Delhi. These incidents are notable but not uncommon in the aviation industry and generally don’t indicate systemic safety issues with the airline itself.

Fleet and Technology:

Akasa Air, India’s new budget airline, is making strides in the aviation industry with its modern and efficient fleet. Over five years, the airline has committed to inducting 72 brand-new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. These aircraft are powered by the highly fuel-efficient CFM LEAP-1B engine. 

The Boeing 737 MAX family is known for its low seat-mile costs for a single-aisle aeroplane, high dispatch reliability, enhanced passenger experience, lower airframe maintenance cost, and 50% less noise than older models. 

Additionally, each aeroplane features the Boeing Sky Interior, designed to enhance the cabin experience with modern sculpted sidewalls, window reveals, and LED lighting.

Akasa Air’s focus on sustainability is evident in its environmentally progressive choices. It includes their fuel-efficient new 737 MAX aeroplanes, which help in reducing environmental impact. The airline also uses recycled materials in crew uniforms and shoes and employs eco-friendly packaging in its in-flight meal service. 

Furthermore, they have taken steps towards water conservation by moving away from the traditional water cannon salutes at flight and route inaugurations.

These efforts position Akasa Air as one of the youngest and greenest airlines in the world, demonstrating their commitment to sustainable and responsible aviation.​

Customer Experience and Staff Training:

Akasa Air is focused on enhancing its customer experience and staff training. In 2022, the airline established the Akasa Air Learning Academy (AALA) in Gurugram, which provides comprehensive training for various roles, including pilots, cabin crew, engineers, and airport services. 

The academy boasts state-of-the-art training facilities, including India’s only door trainer for next-generation aircraft, allowing for realistic emergency situation simulations. Industry experts design training modules to equip employees with essential skills for success in the aviation sector, emphasizing safety, service excellence, and operational efficiency. 

This investment in employee training is part of Akasa Air’s commitment to becoming a customer-centric and dependable airline.

Data Security Concerns:

In August 2022, Akasa Air experienced a data breach that led to the unauthorized access of certain customer information. The breach resulted from a temporary technical configuration error in their login and sign-up service. Information such as names, genders, email addresses, and phone numbers of Akasa Air registered users was potentially viewed by unauthorized individuals. 

However, the airline confirmed that no travel-related information, travel records, or payment information was compromised.

Akasa Air took immediate action to stop the unauthorized access by shutting down the associated functional elements of their system. After adding additional controls to address the situation, they resumed their login and sign-up services. 

The airline also self-reported the incident to the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) and advised users to be conscious of potential phishing attempts. Akasa Air emphasized that the safety and protection of customer information are paramount and have undertaken additional measures to enhance the security of their systems.

This incident highlights the importance of robust cybersecurity measures, especially in the airline industry, where customer data is constantly processed and stored. Akasa Air’s response to the breach, including its proactive approach to informing affected users and authorities, demonstrates its commitment to data security and customer trust.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of planes does Akasa Air use?

Akasa Air operates the Boeing 737 MAX, equipped with advanced CFM International LEAP-1B engines.

Is my personal data safe with Akasa Air?

Akasa Air experienced a data breach but has since taken measures to enhance their cybersecurity.

What do customers say about Akasa Air’s service?

Customer experiences vary, with some praising the airline’s service and others facing challenges, particularly with customer support.

The Verdict: Is Akasa Air Safe?

In conclusion, while Akasa Air navigates its initial turbulence as a new airline, it shows promise regarding safety and customer experience. As with any new venture, time will be the true test of its commitment to safety and customer satisfaction.