What is the Motto of Oneplus? Unpacking the “Never Settle” Philosophy

What is the Motto of Oneplus? Then, embarking on a journey to demystify the essence of OnePlus’s mantra, “Never Settle,” is the right step for you. 

We find ourselves delving into the core philosophy that drives this tech giant. From its inception, OnePlus has stood as a beacon of relentless innovation, steadfastly refusing to compromise on quality and user experience. But what truly underpins this powerful slogan? Let’s unravel the layers.

What is the Motto of Oneplus? The Heartbeat

At the heart of OnePlus’s existence lies its indomitable motto: “Never Settle.” It isn’t just a catchy tagline; the lifeblood pumps through the company’s strategic and creative arteries. Created by Pete Lau and Carl Pei in December 2013, OnePlus emerged as another smartphone maker and a disruptor in the tech world. This motto reflects a commitment to excellence and a refusal to accept mediocrity, driving OnePlus to consistently push the boundaries of what’s possible in smartphone technology.

The Genesis of “Never Settle”:

The story of OnePlus is one of audacious ambition. Before founding OnePlus, Pete Lau was known for his meticulous attention to detail at Oppo. He carried this ethos into OnePlus, ensuring every product under the OnePlus banner embodied excellence and affordability. 

The OnePlus One, the company’s inaugural device, was a testament to this principle. Despite its modest price tag, it rivalled its more expensive counterparts in performance, setting a new standard for value in the smartphone market.

Expanding Horizons While Staying True to Roots:

OnePlus’s journey has been marked by strategic expansion and diversification. From the OnePlus One to the latest OnePlus 11, each product iteration has seen enhancements, particularly in camera quality and user experience. 

OnePlus’s venture into smart televisions and wireless technology further illustrates its commitment to broadening its portfolio while staying true to its core philosophy of not settling for less.

The “Muji of the Tech Industry”:

Pete Lau once aspired for OnePlus to be the “Muji of the tech industry,” focusing on high-quality, user-friendly designs. This aspiration is reflected in the simplicity and functionality of their products, aligning perfectly with their “Never Settle” ethos.

Marketing Genius: An Invite-Only Begining:

OnePlus’s marketing strategies have been as unconventional as they are effective. The initial invite-only sales approach for the OnePlus One created an aura of exclusivity and buzz, a masterstroke in grassroots marketing. Later models saw more traditional but equally innovative approaches, reflecting the brand’s evolution and growth.

Balancing Quality and Cost:

A cornerstone of the “Never Settle” philosophy is the delicate balance between high-quality manufacturing and affordability. OnePlus has consistently offered premium features without the premium price tag, a strategy that has endeared it to a broad spectrum of consumers.

OnePlus in the Global Arena:

OnePlus’s journey from a relatively unknown brand to a heavyweight in the global smartphone market is a testament to its commitment to the “Never Settle” ethos. This motto hasn’t just been a guiding principle and a strategic driver in its global expansion and success.

Breaking New Ground Beyond China:

While its roots are firmly planted in China, OnePlus’s reach extends far beyond its homeland. The company’s strategic expansion has been marked by a carefully crafted approach to different markets. Each step of its global journey has been underpinned by its core philosophy of offering high-quality products at affordable prices.

Conquering the Indian Market:

A key milestone in OnePlus’s global journey was its remarkable success in the Indian market. India, known for its price-sensitive yet tech-savvy consumer base, embraced OnePlus’s value proposition enthusiastically. By 2020, OnePlus had emerged as the top-selling smartphone brand in India, a significant achievement in one of the world’s largest and most competitive markets.

Innovations and Partnerships:

OnePlus’s global strategy has been about more than just selling phones. It’s about delivering an experience. This approach led to partnerships with renowned companies like Hasselblad to co-develop advanced smartphone camera systems, enhancing their product’s appeal (OnePlus India​​). Such collaborations bolster the brand’s technical capabilities and enhance its global reputation.

Navigating Market Challenges:

The journey hasn’t been without its challenges. OnePlus has had to navigate various market dynamics, including regulatory environments and competition from both established and emerging smartphone brands. Yet, its ability to adapt and deliver products that resonate with consumers worldwide has been a key factor in its sustained global presence.

Building a Loyal Global Community:

The most significant aspect of OnePlus’s global strategy is its focus on community-building. Through forums, social media engagement, and events like the Open Ears Forum, OnePlus has fostered a sense of belonging among its users. This community-driven approach has not only helped in refining products based on direct user feedback. Still, it has also created a loyal customer base that’s integral to the brand’s global identity.


The “Never Settle” ethos of OnePlus is more than just a slogan; it’s a manifesto that has guided the company from a bold startup to a major player in the tech industry. One thing remains certain as OnePlus continues to evolve: its commitment to pushing the envelope and delivering exceptional user experiences will never waver.